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I have been hanging out with aunt here for many years, and I also cut down a lot of things with aunt. As a female paper with great restraint ability (it is not), I thought that I did not spend money recklessly

Recently helped a friend overseas online shopping a pair of shoes just came to hand and then to open a box to bask in a sheet incidentally to change some gold COINS (although the feeling of this did not burst point bask in a sheet estimated that no one will reply it…

On a quiet night, I suddenly received more than ten WeChat messages. I guessed that it must be some idiot with brain cramps. When I opened WeChat, I saw him send me aunt zhang.

A good price

The $99.98

2015 new AirMax male style SAO red running shoes 50% off good price! The present size is all ready, the friend that needs takes advantage of a size to attack. The AirMax running shoes are Nike’s evergreen, and new ones are released every year. The AirMax2015 comes with a full hand air cushion, a Flywire upper, and a full hand crystal sole to ensure the wear resistance of the whole pair of shoes. The size is not biased, according to the size of Nike shoes can be purchased. And you can make up a coupon,

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The size is complete and the color suits this archer’s personality. I roughly estimated the freight with him and emphasized the recently soaring exchange rate. After confirmation, I placed an order with Max

Actually had saw the web site is the finish line is ready to be cut down a single because at the end of last year and seems under single was ruthlessly cut but after this order as soon as received the deductions information but given that had experienced after deductions have also cut down a single mail hurts so after order has not been too optimistic that after two days and then went to the web site to see is in a state of processing is a bit scary never expected to lie between a day to see is the state of the finish to transport company a look wow It’s amazing how fast you’re lying in a warehouse

But than I estimated weight than the weight of a little bit of thought can be done within 2 pounds actual is 2.4 pounds, and finally the arrival of the goods freight spent 104 yuan in recent transport speed is also pretty soon I was on August 16th in finish line order today will have to is nearly flat, 28 the record my overseas online shopping the arrival of the goods time make nonsense said a lot is finally beginning to print

When I opened it, I found the box almost ruined

Lift up your head

This color is really too sexy bag is really difficult to shoot indoor shot out of the blink blind take out also ** this air cushion elevating effect must be first-class

Finally, because the shooter was too lazy to step out of the house to pick up the goods (in fact, it only takes ten minutes to walk), he let me put on the real beast…

Size 36 doesn’t make me look too big. Why does it look like a man’s leg

Ran with shame actually Po main gender male…

So, the Sagittarius SAO bag man went back to write a serious comparison to hand in the work dry goods as follows I am only responsible for copying paste of the far…

Comparison of Air Max 2015 running shoes in all aspects (appearance level, workmanship, comfort level and cushioning)

  1. Nike’s family comparison

ZOOM: ZOOM’s running shoes don’t seem to have Nike in mind, except for the Nike ZOOM Hypercross trainers lebron wore last year. (hypercross didn’t buy it, only tried it on)

Appearance level: max2015 wins, and it is also the most beautiful one since 2013 and 2014. I have a strong aversion to the shoes made of plastic leather, and hypercross does not compete for its own spirit with a word: ugly

Charge for STH. : these two calculate Nike top class, charge for STH. Go up pretty good, do not have the phenomenon such as excessive glue. After taking out the insoles, I found that the inner sole of ma2015 was also very smooth and linear.

Comfort level: max2015 is not a bad wrap. I usually wear size 41 (height: 177cm; weight: 72kg). The palm before also is wider, suit Asian person foot type, do not have the phenomenon of strangle foot. The envelop of the Hypercross, but the tongue of the single-layer plastic leather shoe is uncomfortable.

Cushioning: the max2015 inherits the common advantages and disadvantages of all large air shoes. Sole is too thick the road feeling that creates is fuzzy, the palm before the word that walks only is soft can let you be blown away, it is absolutely to walk fine article. Used for running, hehe. This shoe is not designed for running. The cushioning transition between the front and back palms is only visual. In fact, the cushioning effect between the front and back palms varies greatly. Zoom’s bottom, by contrast, is one word: awesome! Without further ado, it’s awesome! Running is as good as walking! If it is not the level of appearance, I will definitely recommend you to choose zoom shoes! No matter running shoes basketball shoes training shoes! Full zoom is best, half zoom is better. What did you say? Egg cube size zoom? All right!

MAX: I’m sorry. I only bought a pair of air MAX 180 running shoes years ago. After all, there is no air cushion on the front palm and only a thin layer of cushioning glue. As a result, there is a big gap between the front palm and the front palm. Max180 is only a pair of high heels instead of max2015, which brings comprehensive sense of superior height. And the max180 hind palm is stiff, generally speaking is not a good pair of running shoes.

In my opinion, LUNAR became Nike’s favorite shoe in the last two years purely because of its low cost. However, it is undeniable that LUNAR’s cushion-absorbing performance is really good, suitable for a pair of running shoes. After all, I’d say “lunar” for a run, and “Max” for a run.

In short, the smaller the number, the thinner the sole, the harder it is. The larger the sole, the thicker the sole, the softer it is. In my experience, 4.0 and 5.0 shoes are the best. The biggest difference between Free and Lunar: hey hey, the bottom of Free can match the upper more and better look a bit, take on woven upper immediately ** double; If woven? No.

  1. The adidas

I don’t know how to spell it correctly. I have glide 3 or glide 4

Appearance level: the victory of the victory in 2015, glide is very orthodox very ordinary very hot chicken sneaker surface, not fun

Workmanship: adi’s workmanship maintains the consistent standard, at least the middle and low end workmanship is better than the middle and low end workmanship of the hook. After wearing for such a long time, there is no thread opening, and the wear of the sole also feels within the acceptable range.

Comfort: it is ok for comfort, but the front palm is too wide, the feet will slide slightly, the vamp is full of net, it is breathable. The only thing I don’t like is shoelace, not two layers of cliff will come apart, just a matter of time.

Slow shock: I bought glide mainly for the hind hand of Formation. In general, slow shock is normal, Formation is just to help correct running posture (let’s say so, because it is basically to adjust the direction of landing feedback), a pair of moderate running shoes. But now it’s switched to boost.

Boost: this is Ben’s current favorite cushion-proof technology, especially the Ultra Boost. Unfortunately, due to price, he only bought a pair of sonic Boost, which is also full and slightly smaller. This is just compared to sonic.

Appearance level: continue to win in 2015. Why: sonic is also a plastic shoe, and the fact that these last few years there’s been a lot of movement in places like suspenders and hooks, and there’s been a lot of movement in places like plastic leather and knit, really makes me feel ** *.

Work done: for some reason, this pair of sonic disappointed me. After wearing it for only one year, some pieces of leather have been worn off the sole, the plastic leather of the upper has been worn out, and even adi’s three bars have a piece of glue, just for fun.

Comfort: sonic just three words: not so much. The front palm is too narrow, because the vamp is wrapped in a layer of plastic leather about a layer of plastic mesh surface, can not adjust the tightness, the foot is very tired, heel thick fill to bring the package feeling is quite good.

Cushioning: sonic’s only score is boost, which is really adi’s magic trick. It’s soft and resilient, not as crazy as shit, but much better than shit. If you have to rank so many buffers, then

Zoomboost > lunar > > Max adprene.

  1. Others: asics and NB shoes were tried on but never bought, without long-term experience. The feeling of the first foot, Gel Gel is really soft, better than lunar rod, but the front and rear palm of gt-2000 slow vibration transition feeling is not good; As for the latest quantum360? Two words: gimmick. NB993 also is those who have bast strength is soft, although appearance is old but have taste, wait for after again development a pair.


The reason why I bought max2015 this time is only the price… Because Ultra Boost is so expensive!!! If it is cheaper, there will be no Posting order of max2015 today. The price of which day UB drops to 100 knife following you must tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!

After the post found this become very long very long…


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