cheap Nike Revolution 2 Running men’s casual Running shoes

At that time, there was no physical store in our city. We bought it from Tmall decathlon store which is free of delivery for ten thousand years. Time flies, this year’s victory day, the national husband his father’s wanda square opened in our city, that is called a sea of people. The flow of people that day reached 200,000, while the total population of our city is just over 2 million. Wanda plaza also opened inside the physical store of decathlon, the opening day scanning code to send backpacks, the store is basically full. That’s the 19.9 package

Decathlon backpack for men and women travel leisure small bag tide canvas sports bag 10L QUECHUA19.9 yuan

Tmall select to buy the encyclopedia

Living nearby, I often went to decathlon after that. This afternoon, after taking a walk in jiuizui lake, I walked along the way to visit wanda. I saw the leading role of today, Nike Revolution 2 Running men’s casual Running shoes, in the tail goods shelf of decathlon Running area. Just opened the time to sell 399, now the tail goods processing 199 big sale. Jd link is as follows, the lowest 299, but the highest 847 is what ghost?

Nike Nike new breathable Air casual sports running shoes 554954 554954-409 41299 yuan

Buy on jd

Nike Revolution 2 Running men’s casual Running shoes standard 44/US10847

Buy on jd

Decathlon, as usual, does not have boxes, so there is no need to open them

The side


Sole, so cheap estimation also does not have black technology

The heel

Shoe label, made in India. What does UPC at the bottom mean? It is actually the same as the English abbreviation of my Alma mater.

It fits right into the bag I gave you last time

Trademarks and price tags,199,199,199 you can’t buy a loss, you can’t buy a trick. 199 is not much, can not go to Hong Kong can not go to Singapore, 199 is not expensive, do not have to go back to a family meeting.

B b 0 receipt, exchange depends on this


Feeling: 1. General weight. It’s neither light nor heavy.

  1. Soft. The 361 that sends than unit sports meeting is soft, go for a walk in the evening curved sole is very comfortable.
  2. The air permeability is general, and I feel a little stuffy. The air permeability is indeed unremarkable.

Summary: less than 200 pieces of running shoes, not too high expectations, value for money, the evening after dinner out for a walk, wear this overall or more comfortable. However, if you wear running, I suggest you buy a more expensive, this is only a pair of qualified walking shoes.


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