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I basketball and tennis shoes, Nike and adidas shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes and all kinds of tide restoring ancient ways) is a focus for years, participated in many activities about shoes, always have a special liking to the air Jordan series AJ 3/4, helpless is the generation of price is too high, just a pair of price, that is a domestic flagship phone really could not bear to hurt again. Fortunately, Nike has released some of its aj3/4 sibling shoes in recent years, which are very similar in shape and come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for street shopping. So recently lost a pair of the most SAO gas red.

These shoes have been bought for two weeks and have been worn for some time. However, there is still no time to write about them. Thinking about the Mid-Autumn festival today, is also to write something to record, mainly or open the box (is really open the box, express just got to the time with a mobile phone clap clap, such as today, and I searched once, zhang aunt seems not to have this shoe drying sheet, good, then I come to the first, on).

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1 out of the box:

Without further explanation, above, the first thing you see are two red-hot guys.

Because I have worn the shoes of this series before, I have a deep understanding of the size of the shoes (actually, I bought the last pair of shoes according to the normal size, but the result was extremely tight, which was painful. Fortunately, I felt more comfortable after wearing them, so I just bought half of the size this time).

Flank comes one piece, like this kind of splashy ink namely in sole, match the shoe upper of big red, SAO gas is not good. The heel of the Air cushion window, the entire midsole design is actually derived from the Air Jordan 3/4 generation design, retro, but also has a sense of technology, the most important bright (zhuangbi) ah.

Red shoelace adjoins the big hook of blue hook, match the shoe body of red again, whole flourishing, also wish everybody to read an official to study again work life also flourishing.

2, followed by:

After the part to send a few, logo embroidery part of the work compared with Jordan generation, still can not compare ah. There’s a little bit of glistening gum all over the shoe, but it’s not obvious (we wear it, not collect it, not take it too seriously, and it’s not exactly Jordan, and it’s not collectable, is it?).

3 the sole:

The color of whole sole and shoe body advocate color is consistent, how a collocation gets.

True sole still is more concise, have a not big and small hook hook logo only, all round was full of herringbone grain, prevent slippery degree or pretty good.

Insole foot feeling is ok still, touch to rise also be soft hard moderate.

4 feet:


First, let’s talk about the appearance. Actually, the appearance is very close to AJ 3/4, basically a combination of the two. But, I mean, the price is more than several times cheaper. AJ 3/4 at random 1300+ price general people still have some can not accept (tuhao and real sneakers collectors ignore), in addition color aspect is very rich, the following will stick a few other color for the reference of the audience. The overall workmanship is relatively solid, of course, this is a pair of road pressure shoes, do not expect to wear to play ball (it will wear your feet). The most important foot feeling, actually this pair of shoes is wrapped very well, the filling inside is very much, the direct effect is that you have to buy half a size! Buy half a yard! Buy half a yard! Summer wear it with a pair of shorts, absolutely cool (but need to endure the feet of the sauna experience), winter wear, cotton shoes and other things can be thrown away, the warmth of the absolute bar. Good, first say so much, first time bask in sheet, everybody looks at an officer to refer to next good, below stick a few other match color of just for reference, thank:


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