cheap Nike Air Force 1 Elite TXT sneaker

LZ engineering dogs usually choose clothes and shoes with high cost performance. As they are busier and busier, they pay less and less attention to these things. As it happens, a former senior student suddenly recommended a pair of shoes to me. AIR FORCE (LZ was quite fond of Nike sneakers before) asked the price, and as long as 350, you should not hesitate. 350 is very valuable, because it is the new AF1 this year. In addition, I usually wear 40. It is said that AIR FORCE needs more than half of the size, so I bought 40.5.

Two days ago the shoes finally arrived in the mail, originally said to the senior to do this unpacking, but later because he was busy, so I left this opportunity to me, said I was the first time to do this, more nervous, small hands shaking, hahaha.

The package is not bad. Open it

In the silhouette of the low-cylinder Air Force 1, the designer used lightweight jacquard fabric for the upper, with a blue Swoosh, a tongue, a lining to contrast with the heel, and finally a white Max Air midsole and white sole.

Let’s do a classic pose

Come again a

Post a few more pictures of your feet

The shoes fit, have air cushioned soles, are not as stiff as you might expect, and look good in red and grey (LZ prefers blue).


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