31/5000 Nike Air Max, adidas Boost

I think this theme is quite good. To tell the truth, I still don’t want to buy something for my parents. Some people say that I should spend more time with my parents. Unfortunately, parents do not agree, do not want to see me every day. (because I am tired of watching my parents’ free dinner every night, I guess I don’t want to be a free babysitter.) Hangzhou has the idea that the old man is really a lot of, don’t want to live with children, so my parents and I are living apart, to ceng rice in the evening, my parents also want their own space? ~ ~ ~ may be the old man is love to play here, but my parents have a long trip every year hotel also is better than mine, more want to pass, so in recent days I give my parents buy sports shoes, because the trip is very practical My father likes to travel big adventure, this kind of project me and my mother don’t attend ~~~ When I was young, I was also a video fan. I loved this. Now that we are old, we can only rely on these two The year before last, I gave them a magic box, last year I gave them a red rice, this year I bought a xiaomi note to show them a lot of these things, not to mention, what I want to say is that xiaomi is a good phone for the elderly Here’s an important point: who said older people can’t use smartphones for video and entertainment? A lot of manufacturer got mixed up estimation that kind of two or three hundred monochrome mobile phone is my grandma that kind of 80 above people use, 60 or so old people still should use WeChat actually qq chat, need not a smart phone, you call my parents go out how mix? Come up with that kind of standby 20 days estimate to be laughed to death by old schoolmate old colleague The key is still to use the brand for young people, young people use, young people use, young people use, the important thing to say three times, now 50 or 60 people go out do not want others to see them as old people. Two reasons 1 some time ago with dad to see the house and then ~~~ fruit machine what is good, but handwriting android machine is not good, and then no this function, the elderly will not like ah, my parents pinyin has long forgotten light, only big screen handwriting Now this environment how to say ~~~ ah, we are not easy to make money ~~~ ~ harassment calls are too much, really need this may not be the United States emperor this aspect of the trouble. 360 that can not be installed, but even if the installation is also too expensive to use ah, when the brothers and sisters software have gone in 2 is xiaomi video. To tell the truth, this function still occupies app space for us. But the last time I asked my father to try the fruit machine, I found this problem. I didn’t realize it at first. Can you watch TV on your phone? Then take out the original phone, open the app~~ easy to use Millet, system really swollen, but found that why so many people use him to do the cause of the old machine, for the elderly is what want to use it with function, also easy to use, can be developed, other phone did not he that is good, can’t let old people go to the app store download one app ~ 50 people have a characteristic: just like things like young people use, but again afraid the somebody else say he will not use, face or want, millet solves this problem very well. Before the double ninth festival this year, on October 28, my parents will start a new journey (I will go to sichuan for half a month with my aunt and uncle and four of them to share a sleeping car in a train compartment. In previous years, it was the seaside, but this time I plan to go to jiuzhai village or something). Calculate time total 13 days (13 days for dinner I want takeaway ah, small make up give more gold pieces, I can even eat 13 days to sell) This time to buy travel shoes, I first bought this pair for my mother (my mother’s feet are relatively small, in fact, I am boost’s pink, boost has been breaking the price and even bought 5 pairs in the past three months). To tell the truth, the boost comes out, I haven’t bought a Nike ~ ~ this is the first time, this time, my mother said that old people can’t wear too soft, then buy hard point, there is a reason my mother foot slants small, 35 are just right, Nike adidas can not buy can’t buy overseas online shopping of what not to mention, the no code can only buy large children’s shoes, Nike air Max, and then the autumn wear, basically do not have what choice, can only watch it and you bought The price is still very awesome Now the price without size is more expensive Nike 2015 Air Max Colsenum kids Air cushioned running shoes 654290 653821 red and black 654290-600 12C/29.5 yards /18cm399 yuan Nike 2015 Air Max Colsenum kids Air cushion running shoes 654290 653821 red and black 654290-600 12C/29.5 size /18cm picture, price, brand everything! Jingdong genuine goods, national distribution, heartbeat as action, buy immediately to enjoy more preferential oh! (of course, I don’t think Max is comparable to boost. Max is too hard. Summer is ok. Deliberately selected no shoelace style, will not have shoelace problem, (some sneakers shoelace comparison play too easy to loose I also do not know why) to climb the mountain, jiuzhai where the estimate is also cold, or buy a thick point of good Non marking soles, wear Nike shoes are written above the high school ~ ~ ~ ~ write then write adiwear adie, are now directly with the horse card gay, actually there is nothing in the eggs, and I don’t care for sole instead of basketball stadium, really, a lot of people wear resistant not entangled with sole is really ~ ~ I have a simple solution ~ ~ ~ don’t wear simple ah, how to buy a pair of don’t have to do is what shoes to wear, also prepare ready for each quarter have new shoes. Just like mobile phones, have changed a year, also tangled what mobile phone electric plate can not be changed ah, the screen is not brittle and so on. What matters is comfort. Nothing else really matters Indonesia is made, do not tangle what work, overflow glue has every day, this year is especially much, make do with wear bai Say now a lot of shoes are Vietnam Indonesia, capitalists are getting darker, where cheap labor to where to build It should be no problem to go to jiuzhaigou, but Nike’s technology should be updated. I have Max since my middle school. Now, how many years have I graduated from college? And luna is new but not at all I want to give you a detailed description of the shoes below. I have written an individual list for him, and I also want to mention that the shoes with the original price of 900 yuan are not as bad as the shoes with the original price of 1200 yuan. Actually, I bought this pair of blue shoes last year Nike doesn’t work in winter. (note that the heaviest person in my family is only 135 years old, so maybe his weight can be stepped on.) Haven’t the advantage of this is just the boost, this paper introduces the advantages of this pair, I buy is all zhang boost, boost a major defect is easy to dirty, don’t say you run to the runway, walking as long as is inevitable in the outdoor dirty at ordinary times, this pair to overcome this shortcoming, super to bear or endure dirty, those blue I wear a year, basic can still colour. (of course, I buy more shoes and don’t wear them often.) Size problem: these two pairs are normal size, usually buy what size is what size, not slant big also not slant small. There is no need to mention the feeling of feet Max, it is hard, hard to step on it is still a little slow shock, but it looks good, Nike shoes are not worry about selling, good appearance level everyone will pay Boost foot feeling, soft, elastic, it is important to play, much more severe than Max the trick, I remember very fast: when junior high school, buy the first pair of Nike, Eva feel very soft, high school bought Max, to be honest when adidas only blue rubber shock, the same price no one to buy because nothing sense of science and technology, he is now out of the boost in addition level not in appearance, other those of asics igs system, Nike’s Max, zoom. Mizuno I don’t want to say, not enough weight maybe the big weight can be mechanically cushioned, I really can’t. Don’t buy Boston boost, of course. It feels a little thin and weak


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