cheap NIKE caterpillar

Long grass to caterpillar has been a long time, but the day on the self-run is really minutes by seconds rhythm, but had to be in the day under the third party under the order. Don’t ask me why not buy on rakuten, the reason is very simple, think rakuten is very complex, few brain cells can’t afford to toss…

Although is Japan Asia the third party, but specially chose one prestige to be very high, enhances the confidence to oneself

(ナ イ キ) NIKE ダ イ ナ モ フ リ ー TD (343938) キ ッ ズ son for use ス ニ ー カ ー / ス リ ッ プ オ ン / boot/male/female の の son son 13 cm ~ 16 cm No. 2: シ ュ ー ズ & バ ッ グ : selling 4536 yen

【 ア マ ゾ ン delivery goods は material without the material 】 オ ン ラ イ ン tong vendor の Amazon formula サ イ ト な ら, (ナ イ キ) NIKE ダ イ ナ モ フ リ ー TD (343938) キ ッ ズ son for use ス ニ ー カ ー / ス リ ッ プ オ ン / boot/male/female の の son son 13 cm ~ 16 cm No. 2 を シ ュ ー ズ & バ ッ グ ス ト ア で, い つ で も お く Ann. Day お urgent ぎ like goods seaborne は, on the day the お け may で す. ア マ ゾ ン は, often feed delivery goods? 30 day return feeding no material.

Buy from amazon Japan

They don’t sell it anymore…

The size on the side of the shoe box is 10c and 16cm

Open a look, the top should be the shop sales instructions, all Japanese, do not understand, directly put aside.

The shoes finally showed their true colors

Take a look

On the other hand

Look at the shoes. They’re a little left and right…

The sole

Labels on shoes

Internal standard, although do not know identification, but the feeling should be genuine

The side



  1. The shoes are really light, but the difference between the upper and the left is not obvious. It is easy for the baby to wear the wrong shoes by himself

2, the feeling should be genuine, but carefully smell or have a pungent taste, do not know whether it is all like this?

3, feel caterpillar or children wear more lovely, my family bought is 10c, I feel a little long, not so lovely, estimated later won’t get access to a larger size of the caterpillar.

  1. About the size, my heirloom now wears the 9 size of see kai run, which is exactly the right size. Although this pair is too long, it can’t walk or fall off, but it feels that the smaller size will be more suitable.


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