cheap Nike SUNRAY PROTECT&Air Jordan Flight 23

The annual double 11 like a raging fire of the past, big chop off hand at the same time arrived anxious to wait for the express time, first of all, I would like to thank you express brother, you work hard

Express speed, or to say sf, really fast! But I remember sf express used to send text messages before it came. Now why not text messages? Maybe I haven’t enjoyed the service of sf express for a long time.

Today to two pairs of shoes, are for my son to buy, a pair is 11 in the early hours of the morning rob, originally also fancy another pair, but no matter how I refresh, grab a pair of sandals, for next summer store up goods, next year double 11 affirmation with mobile phone order, hope boss ma don’t make what new pattern; The other pair of air Jordan has been bought for a long time. They were bought on finishline. After transshipment, they were delivered together this afternoon.

NIKE SUNRAY PROTECT_ taobao search

Go and see

There are five matching colors for AJ. The black one I bought is 29.98 dollars except the red one. The link is as follows:

Boys’ Toddler Air Jordan Flight 23 Basketball Shoes – 317823 021 | Finish Line

Go and see

Two express boxes put together, Tmall box is ridiculously big!

On the right side, finishline took out a box of foam, a lot of which were used to make toys for his son. There was no protection in the box on the left.

Take out to see shoe box, red black match is classic!

First look at aj from the top, the logo on the box is bronzed, the 30th anniversary.

Side rule size information, the bottom right corner has a number 23.

This 23 is also bronzed. The official price of this pair of shoes is $50.

Inside the shoe box there are eggs, a flying man logo sticky paper.

Take out the shoe to have a look, hold in the hand have a bit weight, come 3 modelling, a bit familiar?

Look at sole, be more aware? Same base as aj4?

The heel looks similar.

Look at the toe. The bad thing about fur is that it’s sticky.

The band is a Velcro with a logo on it. The Velcro is designed to make it easy for children to wear their own slippers.

The flying man sign on the outside of the shoe is hot.

Shoe tongue inside size information, save next year wear exactly, 15/2/28 production.

Have the skin on the foot of king of please home, the light is a little bit dark, mobile phone is patted casually.

The next pair, the bright red boxes, seemed to be on the life series.

Size information on the side.

The shoe of goods, shoe box bottom has 3 packets stick paper.

Open the box, there is a cardboard shoe hanger inside.

Take out to see, blue, son’s favorite primary color, shoe body slant thin.

This pair of shoes actually has tag, the Nike shoe that takes tag in my impression is rare.

Look at the soles. Herringbone.

Since my son went to kindergarten in September, I have to buy Velcro for my shoes. Nice shoes are all shoelaces

The country goes shoe, the certificate that insole has inspector to stick it seems that. In addition, this sole knead rise very soft.

The heel.

Sandals do not have a lot of clap, please skin king again, on foot! Ask him to wear blue shoes. It’s more cooperative than before.

Well, to sum up, a batch of express has arrived and finished drying on November 11. I counted 20 packages to collect. Thanks again for the hard work of the couriers

To sum up, AJ is inevitably a sample, the overall weight is overweight, comfort is certainly not good sense of running shoes feet, but children’s shoes, the sole is certainly soft, parents can rest assured, want to concave shape or to buy a few pairs of shoes; If sandal, treasure treasure 99 I is affirmation won’t buy, buy mall to rest assured a bit, still have me not to suggest a child to wear sandal to go out namely, although the front is to wrap toe, the child is active, a lot of things happen is instantaneous, the purpose that this shoe I buy is to give baby home when slipper, go out or sneaker is good.


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