cheap Nike LEBRON SOLDIER IX EP men’s basketball shoes

To tell you the truth, I’m not impressed by e-commerce’s “double eleven”. With my consumption concept of “buy what you need, and don’t buy what you don’t need no matter how cheap it is”, I browses aunt zhang’s homepage push every day and just look at the pictures. Until a few days before the double 11, the homepage showed this notice:


Nike LEBRON SOLDIER IX EP men’s basketball shoes 589 yuan (599-10)

Classic real combat good shoes, legal channels get the new low Tmall select NIKE official flagship store Tmall counter price 1199 yuan, double 11 day selling price 599 yuan, can also overlay 500-10 yuan coupon, pay 589 yuan. Classic actual combat good shoes, legal channels start new low price. Sprite and army green matching colors are optional ~Nike LEBRONSOLDIERIXEP men’s basketball shoes adopt NIKEZOOM cushiening, which is used to separate the front and rear palms. FLYWIRE is applied to a large area of innovation to achieve dynamic locking effect and lightweight support performance. Innovative magic band…

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Suddenly came the interest, “this is not what I need”. After reading all the jokes of zhan huang in the comments section, I quickly added my alarm clocks and went to wanda over the weekend to find the shoes and try them on.

Taobao in the early morning of 11.11 really have the atmosphere of decisive battle, 0 o ‘clock around the web “fragment” as expected to come, after a little tension or buy their own size, pay a return to find all sizes have sold out, the home network brought pride spontaneously.

On the same day I received Nike Tmall store sent the shipping message, a look at the hair or sf, not bad.

Also did not have how to wait to receive goods spicy!

Switch to image reading mode:

It’s a big box, and the seals are all hooks

The box was big enough to hold, and the seals were hooked

Sneaker customization and official website 89 discount, are not the point

I have to admit it’s cool to have my name on the shoe, but doesn’t that help a passerby recognize me from 500 meters away

On the box is a big zhan huang logo and name

Size and product information

Compare it to the previous envoy’s box (on the left is the soldier’s box)

Finally see the real face, give me the feeling than the picture amazing

The upper is mainly the net surface, only the toe is the whole package, the toe coating is very like

The padding is in place and the upper and ankle position are supported. No accident zhan huang logo on the insoles should disappear after wearing it once…

Hanged wear-resisting bottom standard, if can hit cement field at ordinary times, wear-resisting is really too important. On the concrete, the infield shoes really hit a floor…

There is a Velcro on the ankle and a Velcro on the foot for wrapping

It must be said that the Velcro on the foot greatly enhances the envelop of the shoes, but it feels different from the envelop of the inside boots of the ambassador. Maybe the difference is the air permeability

The “23” on the tongue of the left and right foot shoe, it is a pity that these two Numbers cannot be seen after being put on…

The sole of the anti-slip pattern and zoom air cushion statement, hope they can hold a little longer

Follow envoy 7 (steal a chain)


NIKE AMBASSADOR VII men’s basketball shoes 499 yuan free

Tmall NIKE’s flagship store is currently priced at 499 yuan free of shipping, which is a good price recently. It is suitable for heavy outfield players. If you like it, you can consider it. James series one of the branches, AMBASSADORVII, envoys of seven generations of the bottom configuration is the ball in the Zoom, after zhang MaxAir, very has the power to slow the aftershock, very suitable for weight big post player; The middle bottom is relatively high, with a general sense of site, and the middle bottom strengthens earthquake mitigation and stability. Upper middle upper design, outer cut to improve movement space, middle sole high, upper low, general air permeability, upper support strength is very good, DynamicFlywi…

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By comparison, the same positioning is for outfield shoes. The two shoes have completely different styles. The upper foot of the shoes feels that the warrior 9 is much lighter and less envelopable than ambassador 7, which is not so comprehensive. ). In addition, the slow vibration of section 7 (especially the heel) is more comfortable, but the owner is lighter and the difference is not obvious.

New shoes have not come and last field, feel protective or envoy 7 strong, are in the help of the design, have taken care of the ankle. Speaking of which, I think of the time when I stepped on someone’s foot when I tried to take off and landed with all my strength. Although the person fell down, he did not sprain his foot at all

No matter how much I can’t say, as the war on the court five slag, there is no more requirements and understanding of the sneakers, I hope this article can provide some reference to the friends who want to buy the shoes.


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