cheap NIKE tank tops & belated under armour tank tops and asics night shoes

In order to participate in the “double 11” to share the results “activity” I was also an active contributor, the first time to share the list so dedicated to junior high school favorite brand NIKE

This post is mainly for pian jin bi, a lazy cancer patient, who has been hanging out with aunt zhang for a long time, and has done a lot of shopping and chopping, but this is the first time for me to post the list, I hope the xiaobian can let me pass

Double 11 days before the start of a variety of taobao, I’ve always wanted to buy a tight vest, but there is no vest under armour, Nike is only one color for this activity (actually want to buy white) (in fact is poor), so they go into this, just start to choose size, think should choose M, because I’m bust 97, under armour to wear M, so I didn’t see. However, when I added it to the shopping cart on 10th, I found that there was no M in this product, which caused my heartache again. However, when I looked at the size, I felt that the NIKE L size should be able to be worn by me (it has been proved that I can wear it). I also wanted to gain muscle, so I could wear it in the future even if the size was small

Nike PRO COOL COMPRESSION men’s training tights/vests 70,309,6179 yuan

Welcome to taobao power store, choose Nike Nike official PRO COOL COMPRESSION men’s training tights/vests 703096, to learn more details Nike Nike official PRO COOL COMPRESSION men’s training tights/vests 703096, please enter the Nike official flagship store power store Nike official flagship store, more products for your purchase

Tmall select to buy the encyclopedia

Wake up early in the morning to see, express to the school notice, get up to buy breakfast, go to pick up happily

Received express received express

There is a Nike official website discount code, look at the hand has been chopped off, there is a need to take the value of friends can use

Just open the bag, please ignore the school sheets

Familiar with the nikedri-fit tag

Made in China

Nike quick-drying series I believe everyone not unfamiliar, the picture is not too much (upper body as in the final), describes the experience of the individual through the tights (compression garment or speed dry clothing is not deep, the concept of value friend, please forgive me), I am a junior high school of time likes to play basketball, a local adidas store on the tights, at that time seems to just have this kind of clothes, they were classmates to try once, feel very strange, because of new things, and the assistant power marketing (to improve athletic performance), chop in a daze, I put on the feeling is very good on the court at that time, Because of the close to the body may have some fixed movement, so the tight fast dry products have a preliminary understanding. As for that dress, it is too long now to wear, and the picture is not left, but I feel that the quality at that time is good. The value of the purchase

NIKE tights I never wore, and since the first one was adidas and was of good quality, there was no demand

< / p > < p > under armour, after going to the gym to buy a general under armour, go to the counter to try on M size, feel the price is ok, so directly bought, and then saw the value of friends justice justice published iron man with the same, heart moment long grass, but is limited edition, so or wait for money to buy a non-limited hero

Tony Stark, iron man: futuristic Under Armour tights

Come Zhang Dama so long, also bought a lot of things ~ wallet from now on is the first piece of original passers-by ~ I ~ hope everyone support me think of the most popular recently is a running and fitness craze, UnderArmour the brand to enter the Chinese will soon be known through a couple of blockbusters, such as “fast and furious” series in the rock. And more recently, avengers: age of Ultron, fast silver, iron man, captain America and others. More and more people can be seen wearing UA clothes in gyms and running places now. The big LOGO of each store in Beijing is also abnormal.

The justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice of the justice

After fitness, Zhang Dama concerns natural slant on the fitness clothing, each update tights are so excited, all want to buy buy buy, but there is no credit CARDS, student party only in all kinds of old driver, also met a few good people, here is through Zhang Dama recommended I buy equipment, very few, but arms can be infinite

Let’s start this time. Nike waistcoat size L bought by double 11 Tmall

Under armour, size M tights

Asics night running shoes purchased from meiya by tovalho (I didn’t want to share the list at that time, but I just took some photos of the night happily)

Overseas online shopping

Prime member: ASICS GEL-Cumulus 16 Lite-Show men’s cushionwear $66.6

Gel-cumulus is the second best product in asers’ shock absorption series. It is the same as Brooks’ Ghost and mizuno’s WaveRider. Although the use of science and technology elements is not as much as NIMBUS, the simplified GEL can bring overall lightweight, more suitable for runners with small weight. CUMULUS16 also improves on the aforementioned Trusstic and increases the GEL buffer compared to generation 15. And the biggest change is bringing the latest Fl…

Value 131 comment 155 collection 163 to buy

Under armour vests bought by talkers in America were not pretty at first, but I liked them more and more.

Finally, I randomly bought Nike sneakers for my girlfriend. Since this one is really a bad street, I went to the official website ID of Nike on purpose (the font should be pink, I don’t know why my girlfriend used this filter, or she doesn’t like the color of show words).

The first time in the aunt zhang post, the heart can not help some excitement, for a long time no code word, language organization may not be very smooth, also please forgive me, hope to post the list can pass

Thank you for watching


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