cheap LEBRON AMBASSADOR big folding backpack

Into the pit of aunt zhang also calculate to have a period of time in line with the principle of cheap and worthwhile on the Internet long walk around the inadvertently saw this backpack is very suitable for the mind then start because the body in Korea from the Korean Nike official website to catch up with discount as long as more than 50,000 won around 288 soft girl feel very worth!

Insert the card first, because the Korean official website cannot display the picture, so insert the Chinese official website

Nike LeBron Ambassador LeBron Ambassador —

Nike LeBron Ambassador LeBron Ambassador

Go and see

This article can only be regarded as “fake unpacking”, because it has been more than half a month since I got my backpack, so the case is not the key bag is the protagonist! I don’t want to talk too much about this

Yes, this bag was a real shock when it arrived because it was so big! The size on the official website is 40cm (long) x 17cm (wide) x 57cm (high).

Get rid of the package to a piece of SAO green SAO green is very dazzling

Various label tags that a total of 6 big features can hold 17-inch padded notebook computer power head with cold insulation, heat preservation function only bags are stored in the insulation layer can put down the shoes shoes alone curve shoulder straps convenient finishing cloth with strong abrasion resistance of polyester fiber 6000 water Tarpaulin underside (this material can protect equipment prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp rainy days don’t get wet!)

Let’s move on to the size of the bag

Well, this is what it looks like when you open the fold

From the top, there is a “bottomless” feeling of a single computer interlayer

Special insulation layer

I really like the fact that I have to store the interlayer of my sneakers separately. Every time I go back to China, I have to worry about my shoes. I am too lazy to take a big box with me

It’s also nice to have a little compartment on top for a little clutter

Put the bottle on both sides

Well, the domestic price of this product is 499 yuan, so the price of 288 is still very valuable. The interlayer is large enough, the capacity is large enough, the fabric is waterproof, and the only disadvantage is that if the height is a little short, the back is not able to support it, and the other parts are still satisfied

First submission if there is not enough please forgive me! Thank you!


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