cheap Nike AIR MAX ST men’s sneaker 652976

Double tenth a smoke has gradually calmed down, and remember the worth billions of night, the night air in give a hint of the freezing cold, have been 12 o ‘clock is, still can’t pay, I gently greetings, well, a little calm mood, lit a cigarette and came to the balcony, the night breeze slowly to the agitation of my heart healed, looked at the unit the brightly lit room, I as if place oneself in the little Milky Way… (no more)

Emotional end, back to business!!!

First of all, this is my virgin drying, preparation may not be very full, hope you do not mind. Double 11 achievements (received goods have been opened, on a taobao order page)

Phone and usb drive are my mom’s, glasses are my dad’s, and some clothes are not on display

As for this pair of shoes, I also found it by accident. Due to my third-class disability, the first consideration when buying shoes is the height of the sole. The large and thick sole of Nike’s air Max series hit the spot at a glance.

On the day of double 11, it should be 50% off, 339 after the discount, plus red packets and coupons, the actual payment is 319. Not payment order when didn’t expect to happen, when I brushed a few times more, bice and the good disappointed at the time, last year’s double tenth is almost, last year was a pair of reebok shoes, also is a few minutes and the found grey-blue, immediately change color, place the order, the same payment, at ease, and then buy other goods in the above

Nike official Nike AIR MAX ST men’s sneaker 652976339 yuan

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Tmall select to buy the encyclopedia

Delta this is the introduction of Tmall, I will simply copy

D: open the box. I threw away three packages of CARDS and so on

△ side to a (mobile phone photo, plus some problems with the light source, so the picture quality is very poor!

Delta lay down a, sole details you can see, there are a few places have glue phenomenon, had a few tongue root thrum (I really take not to come out), in addition, the tongue of the shoes and sole is together, the first to wear, pull the tongue feel very strange, but also OK to adjust, in general, do manual work is still a bit rough around the edges, it is only after the return air cushion, stepping up hard, however, it is difficult to estimate didn’t point weight down!!!!! Nevertheless heighten effect is not bad!!!

△ one for the top of the head (it looks pretty good from above)

Delta buttocks (a touch of bright yellow buttocks is a bit gross)

Feet (I’m not wearing long Johns!! )

Difficult shooting environment (desk lamp as the light source, white paper as the background, messy desktop is a habit)

The above is the introduction of shoes, the first time to bask in something, in my heart some panic, I have been concerned about dama for nearly two years, during which just see everyone’s share and Revelations, and then secretly placed orders, this time the courage to bask in a single is also a breakthrough!

Finally, I hope you can make rational consumption under the guidance of your mother. Our goal is to buy only the right ones and not the expensive ones!!!! Go go go go!!!!


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