cheap NIKE USA has done the Flyknit Max pairs

With the weight gain of myself and my wife, sports have been included in the daily planning. Daily running, playing ball games and requirements on sports equipment are also increasing day by day.

Ok, I can’t make this up any more, but I just want to buy a pair of shoes for lovers, so as to meet the needs of playing golf and jogging. Besides, the shoes of lovers in the last post were rated as too ugly…

It really does look good on…

Liang’s choice: New Balance New Balance 2014 ML574NEL & WL574NEB

Called for a rainy day, the weather has turned cold (hot I mad don’t tube I), for fear of running every day knee pressure (lazy) force (disease) too (the hair) (as), home treadmill in recent utilization rate is low, the main exercise by walking at night to his mother home for dinner, then walk home, about 7 km or so. The original NB 3090 has not been out of the house, and the treadmill will have to be used in the future, so we can only buy a new pair of NB shoes as walking shoes… (joking about time… I turned over my shoes, except for a pair of crustaceans which made my feet uncomfortable.

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I have tried a lot of other shoes, which are either ugly or uncomfortable to wear. Finally, I will choose one or the NIKE air series. After all, the shoes on my feet are quite comfortable, and there are some pairs of shoes.

The design that compares the following at the earliest, men and women are the same as color with paragraph, but compare sole feeling, this shoe sole is a bit hard.

Nike men’s sneaker 2015 summer new air Max air cushion running shoes 683632-001-402 683632-001 44739 yuan

Nike men’s sneakers 2015 summer new air Max air cushion running shoes 683632-001-402 683632-001 44 pictures, price, brand everything complete! Jingdong genuine goods, national distribution, heartbeat as action, buy immediately to enjoy more preferential oh!

I finally liked this one, and the amazon link is as follows:

Nike Flyknit Max Mens Running Shoes Black New In Box199.98 Nike Flyknit Max Mens Running Shoes Black New In Box: Shoes

Buy from amazon

This is the link of American Asia, see the price is about 200 dollars, men and women with the same color, daughter-in-law very like, color feel very comfortable…

NIKE USA website purchase and transfer:

The original price in China is 1799. I have visited many stores, including Nike’s official website in China. The number is not complete. Can only look at the u. s. official website every day drool

Until the end of October, I suddenly found that the official website of the United States had reduced the price. The original price was 225 dollars, while the current price was 179.97 dollars.

Of course!

When I placed the order, I found that… God restrict domestic credit CARDS…

International CARDS are not allowed.

Only transshipment can be found. The calculated cost is 179.976.4 (1+5%) +4kg freight = about 2750

Relative to domestic preferential is not very big, but win in the number of all.

The following several pieces are transferred to send, take the rainbow express, divided into two parcels:

November 4 transhipment received the goods over there in the United States, November 17 domestic signed, counting the transportation within the United States, about half a month, the efficiency has been relatively high, compared to black five transshipment is simply the conscience of the industry… This is including 4 days of land transportation from guangzhou to Beijing…

List Flyknit Max running shoes for couples

Rainbow express is two bags, not what good-looking, shoebox is also crowded not all, but the things inside are ok

My number 9 and my wife’s number 5 are both common styles, so the stock is out of stock soon.

Photo level problem, feel one big one small one deep one shallow, actually is the light and position problem…

Omni-directional bask in, actually also did not have what, two pairs of shoes are same, wear long Johns at home need not bask in the foot to shine on…

On the foot feeling

Slightly tight, much better after loosening shoelace, insoles are mobile, can be changed, not bad, shoelace is shorter, it is harder to fasten after loosening, can change shoelace to solve. The sole is hard, so it is a little noisy when walking on the hard floor, and it will be slippery after being touched with water. Try not to go out in rainy days. In addition, the flyknit line looks thick, but it is windy, so it is better not to wear it in cold weather.


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