cheap Nike Air Max 2015 women’s running shoes

I bought it from outlets… I’ll tell you… Banzhu will not delete the post… Give virgo a chance, please don’t delete… To prove that I’m a bit of an online shopper, I’ll throw up a link and click on my NIKE WMNS AIR MAX 2015 women’s running shoes

NIKE WMNS AIR MAX 2015 women’s running shoes _ taobao search

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In fact, I did not buy in this, this link for everyone to see good, this life is complete not as a love of shoes diaosi, some things can only secretly love, all kinds of sneaker technology are the same as my family, but… At the same time as an oral prostitute… I’ve never used a fly line, okay, okay, airmax, okay, okay… But today, I’m going to show you the dog, hahaha. The young couple saved two years of future son’s milk powder money out to buy shoes, is not a little fierce… You are a capable man, dad believes you will thrive under the sun and rain, don’t listen to your grandma about milk. Excitedly pay, come back to the Internet all kinds of search, looking for a sense of existence, but… Numb, did I buy a fake… All the shoes on the Internet are not leather, you are cute I bought the right leather… Heart very tired, did I buy fake shoes, how to use and… No matter, welcome the children’s shoes who drop the precious eye drops to light me up…

The shoe box looks real

Show love, make love quickly

The woman went south, well, I didn’t get the 44 I wanted, so I had to squeeze in 43

It’s open, and there’s a birth paper

Type 69, with the wind blowing paper sound, pa pa pa

His face is very serious

Crystal base

The sides don’t look as bad as the ones you buy online

Um, foreskin… It’s really leather

Crystal bottom, though I know you’ll soon be old

I can only leave you once gorgeous face

The butt is sturdy airmax

Fly line is a bunch of Chinese knots…

The ass is sexy die

I can’t stand him

Is there a sticker on the tongue that can be replaced? I need batman’s…

Against the swoosh

Made in Vietnam, not made is it positive… Good pagoda trees…

Running man, I am so lazy to run a JJ

The ruler only has a slightly longer index finger, so the shoe size goes straight to 44. Actually, I am so flexible and flexible, my range can be from 42.5 to 44, and there is no problem at all. This time, the largest shoe size is only 43.5, is it healthier to squeeze? Barefoot shoes or a little worried, after all, I am big sweaty feet, the first time on the wet more bad. If adi’s adiPRENE felt like stepping on a piece of pork leg that was taut at natural temperature, the air Max felt like thawing 20% of the pork leg, making the air cushion feel firmer. However, compared with air zoom, the buffering feeling of air Max is more intuitive, with obvious stagnation and no zoom feedback agility. But Max is harder than expected. It’s a wonderful feeling. Suddenly my air Max 90 shoes are more comfortable. The wife feels very comfortable, wear it everyday now pass the bus, smile a lot of, no wonder recently the rice that cook can cook

Little thick legs… I’m not gonna tell you it’s mine

What the Lord make is football, love basketball, now like to play badminton with the leadership, tut, put their own sex (qu) love (hao) out, is to find friends

Don’t let your children play football in the future. Playing football will ruin the world

Okay… Send a son, I more and more doubt this is false shoe, how to do, 1200 two pair, the value that spends is not worth… Seek the person that recognize goods comforts…

Life’s first pair of Air Jordan & continental Nike official website shoes strategy

Preface – although he joined aunt zhang time not long, but secretly pay attention to aunt zhang also more than four years, only until last year my friend is said to find someone thumb up before the official registration account. In fact, I have been a loyal shopaholic since the birth of taobao, after the online zhang aunt, really let me have a better chopping hand direction, chopping more healthy! I chopped off my hands so many times, but I still didn’t have a good reason to express my feelings towards aunt zhang. Finally, I accumulated two years’ experience in AJ purchase and used it to open my eyes. For aunt zhang, “I come to share my shopping experience!”

Well, I’m going to write a series of articles to tell you what I know about the chaotic AirJordan market in mainland China and how to find my favorite AirJordan at an inexpensive price as a helpless and miserable poor student party.

In fact, to buy a pair of your favorite AirJordan in the mainland, really is not so simple, first you have to hit the right Time, second you have to have the right shoes, finally you will have a pair of eyes and a little luck.

So this issue will be from the first pair of stewed AirJordan, is now recognized as the highest reliability of AirJordan obtain method. Line up for shoes. This pair of Air Jordan 6 Sport Blue was released on August 30, 2014. It was a sunny Saturday.

AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO ‘SPORT BLUE’ – release date. (CN)

Check out for AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO ‘SPORT BLUE’ release dates and information. Keep track of all the latest releases through the Nike product release date chart.

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Like other websites, first you need to register an official account of NikeID. Before the official website starts, you need to register an account and perfect your delivery address and payment method. In addition, you need to follow Nike and AirJordan’s official microblog on sina weibo in advance, because you get the link of purchase queue from the microblog when you release it.

The next morning at 8:30, I opened Nike’s official website with 6 computers and several friends, logged in with different IP of the external network, and logged in in advance. At 8:50, the micro blog released a countdown link, a 10-minute countdown, click in, just silly looking at the screen.

Then the time arrived, everyone a starting point opened the web site, with lightning less than the potential of cover your ears and steal the bell good size began to queue.

What you might see is this:

Or something like this:

The wait can be as long or as short as three hours for a computer to be added to a shopping cart, but the vast majority will fail. It shows that the item is sold out. Finally, the successful purchase:

After successful payment, the GS and children’s shoes released at the same time are much better than men’s models. Take it, too, so that all three of them will have shoes (though not yet).

Nike is still very rich, using sf express air, less than two days to arrive. Ahem, drying the goods begins:

Shoe box and AirJordan5 are identical, this acid cool feeling.

One from the left! Well, please ignore my leg hair.

The one on the right proved to be of high quality, and the crystal outsole was made of new materials, worn for more than a year and played in the outfield several times, showing no signs of oxidation and yellowing.

Finally again bask in a female ticket and I of group photo, ignore my leg hair to feed!

Finally, I would like to share the photo of my family. I bought it on Nike’s official website, so the quality is assured.


  1. If you want to successfully rob shoes on the official website of Nike in mainland China, you must register several Nike accounts in advance and perfect different delivery addresses and payment methods.

2, the probability of several computers landing together to grab shoes will be very big, everyone said difficult, but because after all is the source of goods the most reliable way to buy, as long as the appropriate method will not be too difficult, just some time, but compared to other sellers speculation up the price of 500-1200 this time I think it is worth.

3, remember, do not log in several computers at the same network IP shoe-snatching, will be the default Nike official website is shoe-snatching plug-in, will directly Ban out, you ask the result? That’s when you’ll stop at the page waiting in line until the seas run dry… (I’ve been there, too)

4, and never give up, because a lot of people actually got the does not necessarily will pay, or because of the Internet, such as a variety of reasons to give up, so, here is your chance, general like AJ6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 of these hot selling, website will last long, always brush you will chance.

  1. Another way is to refresh all shoes in NikeStore before the release and add them to the shopping cart immediately after the release. However, this bug has not been implemented since Nike maintained the website in July 2015, so you can try it if you have the chance, without any guarantee of success.

Top Nike ghost brand heat color matching

I believe that if you are familiar with football shoes on the ghost card must not be strange. As Nike’s former replacement for ctr360, we can see a lot of ctr360 in him.

Ghost heat color matching orden_ taobao search

Go and see

Ghost CARDS are mainly in the control category (this can be seen from the shape of the shoes) so currently the main players wearing ghost CARDS are midfielders, such as bayern Munich’s Mario gotze, domestic players also have huang bowen and so on.

Actually I am not a midfielder wow! I’m a serious open striker, I played a bit as a winger before I was a fast runner, but I feel a bit more comfortable in the middle. Why am I buying these shoes? Well, the reason for that was that I had never worn anything above intermediate, and it was a little bit of an itch to see that this was such a good value for money sub-prime, plus enjoyz had a special price of 599.

It’s been a while since I bought this pair of ghost CARDS. It’s just that I’ve been playing so well lately, scoring goals every game. That, of course, is another story. Write a review now when you’re in a good mood.

Get these shoes. Wow! This match color feeling very bright SAO, but I think this purple hook match with the bright orange upper this Yin and Yang color match color is very good look, is absolutely a beautiful scenery line on the court.

This is the latest version of Nike’s pineapple bag-like, open-resistant rubber toe, which it hopes will last longer.

This is Nike’s trademark ag round nail with large bottom. Before wearing adidas shoes, I felt that the triangle nail was not good for turning and twisting. I believe the round nail can give me a better experience.

This is the outsole. It has reinforcement. It feels good.

This is the upper of the shoe, which should provide some friction.

Say heel position, have the thing like cup of protection of a similar foot, when putting on a bit ground foot, heel is more difficult reach go in, believed nevertheless used to good.

And the position of the tongue, this time Nike has done a great job of stitching the tongue together with the body to create an integrated tongue feel, which solves the problem of tongue deviation.

The insoles are ordinary, nothing special…

Actual combat experience

The first two weeks after I bought the shoes, it was really hot.

In the third week to play the official game, the beginning came a rain war, I do not have acc shoes, but the play is pretty cool.

Since I bought the shoes, I have played about seven or eight matches. My feelings are as follows:

  1. Foot sense: this pair of shoes is not light, but I feel a little heavy. The shoe size is neither narrow nor wide.
  2. Grip: round nail grip is good, change direction is also very direct, not muddy.
  3. Strapping: the feedback from the upper was relatively direct, but not the best.
  4. Passing: the short pass is regular, the long pass is clear at the moment of hitting, and the passing accuracy is high.

5 shooting: shot very clear, shooting feeling very good (indirectly led to my wave shot), the force feedback is good, arc is also in the rules.

At the end

This is a really good pair of sneakers, perfect for a friend who wants to try the next best. It has good value for money and good appearance. It is indeed the first choice for advanced equipment.

Quickly put it on, like small white like Fried ball ~

Attached is a photo of our team from a game. I have also worn some pairs of shoes in the picture. Let’s compare them later.

Innet “shanzhai” air Max running shoes & NIKE NIKE ambassador 7 basketball shoes

On the first Saturday after National Day, when I swiped an app to clear inventory, I found 499 Nike Ambassador Vi. Just two sizes, 8.5 and 9. One is my normal size, and one is the size of my tighter shoes. Although envoy 6 is not pretty, the configuration of the front Zoom, rear air Max or air sole is exactly my favorite configuration. The Blade Traction was also good for the outfield.

Long grass, taobao a search, the section 6 are basically in the 550 package about the price of mail. The 42 and 42.5 will probably be more expensive. I know there are a lot of shortcomings in the ambassador collection, but I still want to buy a pair for the company activity every Thursday night.

But I am not sure about the size: many shoes of LBJ series are crowded in the front palm and the size is too small. Zoom generation’s first pair, a 42, was so cramped in the front that it lasted a month. The second pair was better with a 42.5. But the jay1 is made of leather. It’s small enough to hold open. Now the shoes are plastic shoes, small only their own sad. Buying big or small is not comfortable. Finally the curve to save the country, Sunday to find a shop to try the next envoy 7, or to buy 42.5.

Then I remembered to buy shoes after dinner in the evening. Once you open the app, there’s only 42 left

Heart planted grass all kinds of afflictive, can only brush big taobao. However, looking at the price of 550, I found that the price of envoy 7 was also similar. I think it’s better to buy an envoy 7. However, envoy 7 looks worse than 6 to me… Only black gold is good. But the black gold is 650+. After struggling for another night, I decided to buy black gold.

When browsing taobao, I took a look at the app of yougou. I happened to see that the air Max shoes of yougou’s own brand Innet were on sale on the 12th (Monday), only 189. Rumor has it that many of Nike’s air cushion patents have expired, and in recent years, the country’s crackdown on intellectual property infringement has indeed been a bit high, and many former shoe manufacturers have switched to their own brands, many of them making full air Max shoes. I wanted to try it before, but the logo of most brands was too ugly, so I never bought it. This time I thought about 189 is not expensive, you buy this pair of shoes on a no counterfeit Nike logo, two not particularly big their own logo, feel in the heart can accept, decided to buy a pair of the next day.

So I bought a pair of running shoes at uni-president, 189, during the day on Monday. Then I found a hupu seller on taobao, FSF 706. The total cost was 895 yuan, 396 yuan more than the original 499 yuan and 80 percent more than the original budget. So desire is evil

Keywords: INNET Cloud

Nike envoy 7:

Nike ambassadors 7_ taobao search

Taobao search is the most intelligent product search engine, through the operation of big data, accurate understanding of goods and users, provide accurate personalized search experience.

Go and see

Suddenly, I remembered that more than ten years ago, I started from three or four hundred entry-level Nike shoes in junior high school, six or seven white team basketball shoes, eight or nine hundred entry-level star signature shoes, and finally developed all the way to 1480 zoom lebron ii, AJ XXI. Desire is really evil

The text starts here

Innet Air Max running shoes

Nike has been worn, or at least seen. Air Max also has a lot of shoes on aunt zhang, but not Nike brand is not estimated. So start with innet’s air Max running shoes. If the shoebox is thrown away, it will not be shot.


The size is put first because the shoes are not the right size. According to the label, 42, us8.5, 26.5cm, whichever should be my gold size. However, when I got the 42 shoes, I found they were too big. After that, we can only apply for a replacement for a pair of 41, which is just right this time.

The sole also has another ruler gauge, which is 5mm shorter than the length marked on the shoe. Same with the previous 42.

My guess is that the sole is CHN and the shoe is labeled jp. Jp is generally 5mm longer than CHN due to the same size (see adidas shoe label). And jp more often with cm as a unit, CHN more often with mm as a unit.

Appearance & workmanship:

Overall, the first look is Nike. Nike is best known for its hovercraft. One of the most eye-catching is the Air Max. So as long as you have Air Max shoes, the first reaction is Nike. Say shoelace too tm long, a little trouble.

There are two logos on the surface of shoes, one on the tongue.

And a real heel. In general, the two logos are not particularly conspicuous, and no sense of harmony.

There is a dynamic fly line on the side of the shoe. Another Nike piece of technology, but this pair of shoes doesn’t feel like a fly. Beautiful color can play quite good appearance effect however.

The shoe body has two layers of mesh, the outer layer is blue mesh. The inner layer is green mesh. A little green in the air can brighten the look of the entire shoe.

Inner green mesh:

The sole is also a two-color design, with a green front palm and a blue back palm. The overall color scheme of this pair of shoes is blue and green. Personally, one of the problems is that the blue seems to be too dark.

To be honest, the workmanship of the whole pair of shoes impressed me a little. As a pair of shoes selling only 189 is not a major brand or even a copy of other well-known brands of well-known configuration of sneakers, the whole pair of shoes have no obvious overflow of glue, there is no excess thread. Some accessories also have excellent texture (insoles, for example, will be covered below). Compared to Nike adidas shoes, is a lot better. So I think sometimes the value of friends joke that “will degumming proof of the real thing, will not degumming is big PT” really not from the mouth.


Personally, I have always believed that the first factor affecting the comfort of the soles of your feet is not the technology of midsole, but the insoles directly in contact with the soles of your feet or socks. The softness of insole is elastic, and modelling affected the stand or fall of comfortable feeling of the foot on a pair of shoes directly.

The insole of these shoes is the ordinary EVA insole, and the bottom of the insole reveals the name of Belle.

The front flannelette feels good and is slippery.

To compare the thickness of Orthelite insoles bought on taobao. Although a lot thinner, but in Eva insoles, this pair of insoles is very good both in touch and elasticity. The only problem is that the arches don’t have enough support, and no matter how good an Eva is, it will eventually flatten.

So I just switched to the Orthelite insoles. At present, I have replaced the insoles of most of my normal non-combat sneakers with Orthelite insoles. It’s soft, and the most important thing is that it’s breathable. The shoes don’t smell.

In addition to insoles, the comfort of a pair of shoes has a greater impact on the material and air permeability of the upper. This pair of shoes is weaved net face, put on foot to have no pressing feeling actually so. Uppers are generally more breathable. You can feel air blowing in when you walk.

However, it will be colder in winter.

The stability of

There is a ring of what looks like a heat seal over the toe, which I feel should be shaped to prevent the shoe from collapsing.

However, this is a rare measure of support for the entire upper, and it doesn’t really work.

The entire upper can be easily pressed down. The shoe of full weaved net face is this is bad, lighter than leather, more ventilated than dermis, but without support completely.

A piece of TPU, this can be said to be the only vamp to play a real supporting role. Can slightly protect the feet. TPU also has several rows of air holes, can’t think of a jie bao use…

There is a ring of TPU at the top of the air cushion at the back of the shoe, which can play a certain stable effect.

A TPU in the middle of the sole, paired with a TPU at the back of the palm, provides at least enough stability for a pair of shoes that are not strenuous. But overall, with the stability of the shoes, you can only walk, not run.

Air Max

I have always felt that the cushioning configuration of a pair of shoes has nothing to do with the comfort of the shoes themselves. It is better to use it reasonably. For example, most people who go through zoom find zoom very nice, soft and elastic. But if you walk in zoom air’s shoes for a long time, it’s easy to feel leg fatigue. The weight of a pair of shoes, sole thickness, air permeability and so on to the comfort of the improvement is far more than the sole of the role of cushioning configuration.

Now I usually wear the shoes for work. In my opinion, the shoes should be arranged according to the comfort level:

Nike Cortez > AF1 low > Air Max 90 > Dunk > Pump Omni > AJ6 > AJ1 > AJ12

Gump’s shoes, which come with nothing, are the most comfortable, while zoom air’s AJ12, which comes with a carbon plate, is the least comfortable. Playing, of course, is another matter. Of course, most of my shoes are replica basketball shoes, walking comfort is not as comfortable as jogging shoes…

A pair of air Max running shoes, the most attractive part is the air Max on the soles. The air cushion after the palm that can feel when first on foot still has certain flexibility. But like Nike’s full – hand air cushion, the surface is easily scratched.

There is a hook in the front of the palm to make it easier for the shoes to change shape with the feet. If foot feeling, new shoe does not have flexibility completely without flexibility. Can only say not hard. But to be honest, the air Max shoes I’ve been wearing for a long time aren’t that many, and they’re older. In my impression, air Max 95 with id was not soft until it was worn out.

The outsole is a spiked shoe that Nike has had since the air Max 1. The front foot feels fine on the air Max 90 without a cushion, but on the air Max 95 and on these shoes, there is always a strange foreign feeling. The bottom line is that the forefoot doesn’t fit the air Max.

Well, I’ve always thought that the air Max with the full paw was mostly used to sell the show. Instead of using the air Max with the front paw, I’d rather just use the dragon. At least walk comfortably.

The air Max of the whole pair of shoes is relatively thick. The air cushion of the front palm is about 1.5 cm, and the thickness of the whole front palm is about 2 cm.

The hind palm is thicker, the air cushion is close to 2.7cm, and the thickness of the whole hind palm is about 4cm. But then again, although the sole is so thick, there is no obvious sense of instability. On the weekend, the company organized to go out to play, wearing two days of road, including a lot of non-paved road, not a twist. But such a thick sole, coupled with the support of the upper is not strong, to go running is probably not.

As mentioned above, the entire shoe surface is a thin two-layer weave mesh, no additional support. So you can obviously see that the shoe is a little out of shape.

The blue of shoe is darker, the color of shoe after go up foot still has a little bit depressing.



Cheap. 189 yuan for a bike.

Good work. Not blow not black, compare Nike really a lot of shoes workmanship is better.

Good air permeability. The shoe of complete braid mesh breathability is bad have ghost.

The air Max at the back is comfortable.

Modelling can be


Winter is a struggle

** is not high enough. In the minds of the general public, air Max is already one of the representative works of Nike. The non-nike air Max is definitely not tall enough.

Air Max on the front is uncomfortable. This is a common problem, there is nothing to talk about.

The size is too small. That’s why I was two days late to get the right shoes and lost $9 in postage.

The soles are too thick. Walk, not run.

All in all, 189 yuan for this pair of shoes is more worthwhile. I don’t care what the brand is. This pair of shoes is ok in foot feel and shape, even if it only lasts one to two years for a pair of 189 shoes. So I would rather spend 189 dollars on a pair of “fake” air Max shoes with my own brand than buy a pair of fake Nike shoes.

Nike Ambassador VII basketball shoes

As mentioned earlier, my favorite configuration is the former zoom, the rear air Max, or the built-in air sole. If air penny 1 or 4 have copies recently, then definitely buy those two pairs. In addition, flight sonic was also attractive to me, but the design was not particularly fond of and the sole seemed not as durable as the embassy series, so I chose the embassy 7.

Appearance & workmanship

I don’t think most of the colors are good, only black gold, red and black red are ok. This pair of shoes doesn’t fit very well in very colorful or mixed colors. One of the most beautiful colors is black and gold. If other colors are at best grudgingly acceptable, black gold seems to me to be a pretty category. Color to save the world.

Black shoe body adjoins aureate hook, match the fly line that goes up orange, two words say is frowsty SAO. Well, it suits me.

After getting it, he directly changed the black round lace with gold wire, and the toe was also gold metal. After change, feel oneself lovely

The shoe body is a piece of fuse material. Of course, no matter how high-end, or plastic shoes. But the black one has a matte effect, which is pretty cool.

The inside of the

The workmanship was surprisingly good. The whole shoe does not overflow glue does not have the thread. Nevertheless vamp sees the line head only also inside here, still double thread seam.

Look at it another way.

There is a clear piece of plastic on the tongue with James’s crown logo on it.


This pair of shoes is comfortable. It makes you feel stuffy. The mesh of insole place is the only place that can dissipate heat, when walking can feel still have a breeze to blow in. But x doesn’t work in practice.

A piece of plastic on a shoe. First thought it was hot, then it was sealed… Guess in addition to a little support, there is the appearance of the design. After wearing the ball, can see through the plastic pieces inside the attached droplets.

There’s one in the little toe, too. I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but the fly line on my little toe is not on.

In fact, one of the biggest impact on the comfort of this pair of shoes is squeezing the feet, grinding the little toe. I deliberately bought a size larger, but the first time the actual combat found that you can not wear towel socks, otherwise the little toe grinding. Only thin socks. Back at home, I put my hand between the plastic surface and the inside boot and felt it. The plastic did have some dents, but it wasn’t where the toe was. When I turned around, it was the two flying lines that really rubbed my toes.

Take the shoelace apart, take the first fly out, and let the second fly through the first. Okay, hold the first fly line down. It really doesn’t hurt.

cheap NIKE CORTEZ (GS) casual shoes for women

In any case, Nike shoes, although it sounds like a copy of what, but in fact a lot of shoes have been produced, it is not known whether has been reproduced or has never stopped production. I am not a professional collection of sports shoes, so there is no professional view of these, greatly we must pat.

So without further ado, just talk about this accidental start of the gump shoes. In fact the Lord has been very like gump shoes, but short legs, feet. Not in the long-legged oba category, so basically say goodbye to this type of shoe. So the shoes today are not mine but my wife’s. Careful readers may have noticed that there is a GS after the name of the shoe in the title. What does that mean? I don’t know. Baidu once, what say is big child GRADE SCHOOL meaning. In fact, the wife’s shoes are purchased with Nike KIDS. It’s like the famous line from forrest gump: “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

One e day and his wife in a mall after lunch, originally said to go directly downstairs to another place to go shopping. Results suddenly want to go to the seventh floor to play video games, on the way to the video game hall just passed NIKE KIDS store, so said to go in to see the children’s shoes, see the children’s shoes have forrest gump shoes, feel good Q, but no white. Is preparing to go, the wife sees big child money to have white color red hook classic money gump shoe, casually asked next, result discovery has the wife to be able to wear unexpectedly size son, then let the clerk take to try, on foot, very appropriate. See a wife like, direct swipe card take goods to leave. The price is 569. After r checking with the clerk, it seems that the same style for adults is 799. So it’s nice to have small feet.

The wife wears the shoe of 37 commonly, the discovery after this time tried 37.5 is opposite a bit more appropriate. So in the purchase of the time we might as well consider half size. Additional, shoe has certain thickness relatively, these two days wear a foot to still be a bit hot, the value friend of sweaty foot had better wear good absorb sweat sock, consider the material of the product otherwise and ventilated design, do not wear sock word, estimation is worn after period of time taste can be bigger

Some may ask, children’s shoes and adult shoes in the work will be different? Yes, most do. What I’ve learned is that basically you can think of children’s shoes as a reduced version of an adult version, and when you do that, maybe you change some of the details, like the adult version is lacing, maybe you change the shoes to elastic or magic buttons or something like that. And d for simple matching, mostly for the technology/function of simple matching, such as the omission of air cushion, or full palm air cushion after the palm air cushion and so on. But these changes appear more in children’s money. This time the wife bought a child, and is CORTEZ this kind of actually not too much so-called technology shoes, so basically and adult style no difference. And I naively think that children’s shoes in the materials and design will be more comfortable than adult shoes and the protection of the ball of the foot?

Anyway, let’s get started. Home taobao once, the price of all kinds of chaos, and at least that day, white bottom red hook money a shoe is difficult to find or is more expensive than we buy. My heart was really dark cool. Today also searched, basically some so-called consider the price is more than 400 to 500, that basically and I get the price difference is not too much, think also not suffer loss. Of course there are more than 200, you think also understand what the goods. Anyway, NIKE’s high copy too much, high copy to and the real product no difference, there are even stores every three pairs have a pair of high copy of the rumor. And now putian generation of high imitation has been true to the point. So even if you buy it at a high price, it may not be the real thing…

A Togo proprietary link, seems to be only 35.5 yards. The e price is good, there is demand, can take care of the east brother. At least my personal feeling is not as deep as taobao.

Nike Nike Cortez(GS) agam girls casual shoes running shoes 749482 749502 white/red 749482-101 35.5 yards /3.5Y469 yuan

Nike Nike Cortez(GS) agam girls casual shoes running shoes 749482 749502 white/red 749482-101 35.5 size /3.5Y picture, price, brand everything is complete! Jingdong genuine goods, national distribution, heartbeat as action, buy immediately to enjoy more preferential oh!

Buy the encyclopedia on jd

The card in the package, etc. Of course, putian has long been able to copy to exactly the same. What receipt ah what not under the words.

The shoes are leather. Red, white and blue.

Is there a feeling of resilience…

Nike y likes to put some stickers on the side, like I like to wear shoes barefoot, it really doesn’t feel comfortable.

cheap Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard

Recently I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of running shoes, Nike air Max 7 and hesitation among air Max 90, a pair of shoes to see air Max on 7 to 6, 700, think it is better to add some money to buy a new pair, just see counters the air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard, color is also ok, wear jeans at work also can match, discounted price just less than 1100 points, is determined to start.

Nike AIR MAX 95ULTRA JACQUARD limited edition 749771-007 100 749771-007 441039 RMB

Nike AIR MAX 95ULTRA JACQUARD limited edition 749771-007 100 749771-007 44 pictures, price, brand everything! Jingdong genuine goods, national distribution, heartbeat as action, buy immediately to enjoy more preferential oh!

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I am 182 in height, size 42.5, which is the international size. Therefore, I always wear size 9 for Nike both in Japan and the United States, which is very good to avoid conversion.

Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max: Nike air Max In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 appeared on the heel as a transparent cushion, allowing the shoe’s wearer to experience the comfort of the air-sole. Since then, the next generation of Nike Air Max sneakers have quickly become popular among athletes and collectors for their striking color combinations, reliable performance and lightweight cushioning effects. B b 0 road is very easy.

The sole is hard, but the air Max cushion is used as the matting, so the foot feels very light whether walking or running. In addition, I tend to sweat my feet, so I don’t like wearing leather shoes. This pair of shoes has a very good air permeability, which is much better than Crocs sneakers

Overall evaluation:


  1. The shoes are wrapped well and have air Max cushion, so the shock absorption is very good
  2. Dress for any occasion.
  3. Woven jacquard upper is light and breathable


  1. The new product is a little expensive
  2. I’m afraid the rope will break

Nike Air Max unpacking and logistics experience

This is the first time for me to write a composition. It has been NNN years since I last wrote the composition. This time I got the shoes and finished it

I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of NIKE air shoes (also the first pair of NIKE in my life), but the choice syndrome is always bad, at least for a year or two!

This decision to buy is actually caused by a value of a friend’s sundry list…

You say ugly ugly! NIKE AIR MAX 90 men’s shoes & children’s shoes

I was a brainless fan of NIKE since I was a child. I bought countless NIKE during school. At that time, AIRJORDAN was far less popular than it is now. I like SHOX series of basketball shoes most in high school. I will go to my mother’s house to see if I can find some pairs. After graduation, I felt that I couldn’t wear basketball shoes all the time. Then I didn’t buy NIKE for N years. No longer reluctant to spend 1480 to buy a pair of NIKESHOXVC3, think of Beijing’s housing price in 2003, then…

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In the article female money is big child money, match color quite good, want to buy the same money originally, because don’t trust treasure treasure (actually be to oneself have no confidence, afraid of not enough fire eye jin jing), look for in the United States. Accidentally found this pair, also is big child money, the mood is called a excited, because LZ is a pure light blue and green control, has come to the point of unable to extricate oneself, the first look at the cliff must be taken ~ ~ ~

Nike Air Max Command (GS) Trainers 407626 Trainers Shoes89.99 usd Nike Air Max Command (GS) Trainers 407626 Trainers Shoes: Shoes

Buy from amazon

The third party seller has broken the code, only 36.5 and 38, LZ is 37.5 wide feet, no problem wearing 38 sneakers without pressure, laugh three times, immediately order ~ ~ ~

Well, 89.99 dollars, acceptable, next step, you can choose the Chinese address, very good, look again, incredibly free shipping!!! What character is this, LZ already smile see tooth out of sight

Go up first official graph, no matter how do you look, anyway LZ is the ~ ~ ~ that the United States does not want to feel at first glance

Note: the following is a long logistics experience, do not like to see please directly skip, under the dividing line ~ ~ ~

9.12 order, 9.14 delivery, good efficiency, and then to see which express, yi, Royal Mail? Single number RU*GB, er, us Asia direct mail many times, this is the first time! Search on the net is British royal mail, foolish eye, the United Kingdom that the United States buys delivers goods, what circumstance? Suppose it was a third party from Britain

There was no circulation record on the day of delivery, so we waited for more than 2 days. Then we found it on the tracking and inquiry system of data giving mail on 11185, and it was sent out by langley in Britain on September 16, which seemed to be the ordinary postal channel.

And then wait…

During the natural is free brush brush brush, 9.21 to Beijing, just 5 days, good hi sen, that day turned out to the next level, began to brush every day, the process is long, 9.28 to hangzhou, no language, domestic section is slower than the international section, also drunk!

Originally looked forward to National Day before get, disappointed, 10.2 just show arrived at the delivery office, leave is the address of the unit, holiday nature is no one received, do not know whether the delivery staff have sent!

After twists and turns came, 10.5 LZ to the unit on duty, think of this call to the delivery office (here to praise the next system, there is a phone oh phone, or really do not know where to look for), turned 3 people finally gave a Courier may be the phone number, the results of shutdown!

Get through to 10.7, the other side said he only sent domestic, international pieces do not return him to send, let ask the business hall, well, and back to the origin, tears! That hour already evening, a business hall small elder brother wrote down sheet number, promise to help look for.

Arrive 10.8, morning call past nobody answer, think to always return still not at ease, decision oneself go to have a look, then printed logistic record, searched address of submit a post office, lunch break killed in the past.

In fact, it is the post office, to choose a look more reliable window to ask, also asked the right, the package on the side of the cabinet is put aside, the other side said may have sent the doorman rejected, things in good LZ has not care about so much. I got it in two minutes

Really want to point for their own wit like, ha ha ~ ~ ~

But the other party only to show the number of the package, what identity authentication did not want, if this fake collar? It seems a little too loosely managed…

Anyway, so far, big stone falls to the ground ~ ~ ~

So much about the process of logistics, is not feel very bound? LZ just wants to share some experience with you

To the car can not help but open the case, the photo was taken on the mobile phone.

Put a mobile phone, 13 years in the Korean generation of taobao LG G Pro, China did not appear on the market, at that time, it seems to be watching some Korean drama to buy, specific also remember, mobile can only use 2G signal, so the flow is not package, only wireless, some time ago accidentally fell on the ground to split the screen is still insisting on using.

At that time, LZ just took off the protective shell because it was dirty. A few days later, it broke, so it was doomed

It is said that we have ordered the 6sp 64G of rose gold. Both the official website and Tmall have not been delivered yet. We are crazy to wait

Don’t ask me why not jd, diaosi want to installment but quota is not enough ah

Back to business! LZ is not a clap bully, only can clap with hand, clap of bad, please make do with see…

The packaging is so simple! Stuffed a plastic bag came, on the shoebox edge corner damage has been very pleased!

The address stays very complete, regrettably did not give to write a cellular phone number, no wonder no one notices this is the common problem of common postal channel?

Shoes logo, NIKE children’s shoes a lot of Vietnam!

I have to say that there is a lot of color difference, the real thing is a little more green, shot out of the whole day blue, color do not know how to adjust

There are a few minor flaws, within the acceptable range.

There is no full-body mirror in the home, foot map is the second day to find a place to shoot, two and a half years old treasure mother, figure need not pay attention to, height 1.61, weight? Anyway, since childhood is a small fat group of people…

The Levi’s 535 is very elastic and very comfortable in the right size.

LZ slag diagram has no strength to ridicule! Big overcast day, what be not in condition to see shoe, see shoe good!!!

There is still a little surplus before and after the shoe, broad and thick foot can be ignored basically, because two side wrap a gender is very good, slightly small and tight, a bit press foot face, foot thin point should be more comfortable, but want thin foot to be not than the thing that reduces weight to return difficult ~ ~ ~

How to say the foot feeling, LZ do not know the legend of the foot is how to step on the xiang, anyway walk up quite elastic, for completely do not understand and do not mind the black technology of women, appearance level is the most important

If you also like it, do it right away, 36.5 have 4 pairs, 38 have 1 pair, don’t say didn’t remind you ~ ~ ~

cheap Nike LeBron Soldier IX LeBron Soldier IX men’s basketball shoes

Eleven in the east of the third party bought double warrior 9 (game blue/white/impact green/game blue), 715.00 yuan (is to use a ticket of 599-120).

Speaking of this coupon I regret to die, originally decided to use 999-240, a pair of shoes and two pairs of elite socks, but when the order was anxious, or 780 yuan = warrior 9+2 socks. But forget it. It wasn’t meant to be. Besides, the sleeve of warrior 9 shoes is quite tight, but there is no elasticity. Like my 42 feet, the shoes of 42 are already crowded.

Nike LeBron Soldier IX LeBron Soldier IX men’s basketball shoes 749420 749491 game blue 749420-441 42 yards / $8.5839

Nike LeBron Soldier IX LeBron Soldier IX LeBron Soldier IX Nike LeBron Soldier IX LeBron Soldier IX Jingdong genuine goods, national distribution, heartbeat as action, buy immediately to enjoy more preferential oh!

First, let’s talk about the appearance of this shoe. At first, I didn’t consider warrior 9 when I planned to change basketball shoes, because it was too ugly. I tried it on in a store, and it felt ugly. Due to the monk was a prick silk, so the cost of living and subsidies, originally planned to buy Trey Ⅲ, after all, only 500 pieces. But I can’t help it, I can’t help it, the HD13 is no longer working, I will retire soon, a pair of basketball shoes can serve in the cement ground for two years is ok.

Without the wear and tear of HD13, compare with my homebred big li ning. It is parcel feeling is dye-dye-wool, it is slipper already inspect a feeling. Next look at warrior 9’s sexy little ass.

Absolutely authentic, package very! Absolutely! However, I still like the wider sole, which is more difficult to sprain the ankle, especially suitable for the elderly people, which is why I chose HD13 at the beginning, but HD14 and HD15 are not wrapped well, and it is difficult to buy HD13 again.

This pair of shoes also USES the flying thread technology, but the LACES are very short, only in the middle part of the two Velcro, the front part is similar to the sleeve, the flying thread and the Velcro are fixed.

The match colors of warrior 9 is very much, but outsole material is not identical also, some match colors is crystal bottom, suit indoor floor to use more. In fact, XDR is not so mythical, the outfield cement everything is the same, depending on personal habits, the fee or fee.

Tried to try foot feeling on indoor ceramic tile, grip is very wonderful, the reason of new shoe, can feel apparently stick the feeling on the floor, with HD13 just worn when same, great arrive explode.

This insoles can take out unexpectedly, good excitement.

Take a shoebox photo.

God’s perspective, of course. Please look at!

I still remember that the first time I bought basketball shoes was a pair of adidas shoes. I didn’t know what series or what they were called, but I only knew that they were basketball shoes. I saw them in a discount basket in a mall by accident.

The package of this pair of shoes is very good, the ankle part is tight, and the sole is very output, when the most important sole belt breathable, the shortcoming is that it can’t touch water, otherwise it will wash the feet in the shoe.

I mention these shoes because they feel like warrior 9.

To sum up:

Milk east of the third party sellers are not all spicy chicken, also have a good, at least is the goods, compared to BBS I still feel more worthy of trust here.

For the soldier 9 this pair of shoes I feel very good, also is a pair of actual combat sharp weapon, but I do not know why the school seems to see a friend wearing it in the first world war.

Play basketball must be responsible for their own body, can not casually wear a pair of shoes to play basketball, your knees and ankles are irresponsible, fatigue and wear will make your body parts wear out, after a long time of disrepair will be a serious problem.

Bought a pair of good thank let it well shine on the court, otherwise it also lost its job is not it?

Add: today concrete ground actual combat 2 hours, oneself 178cm, weight 70kg, normal strength speed picture of what, almost no wear. Because I didn’t have my cell phone with me when I was playing. Still have is the sole of this shoe is narrower, compare HD13 a lot of narrow, need to adapt period of time.

Nike caterpillar &converse children’s shoes

Want to try day Amoy all the time, but have no chance, just as aunt zhang revealed a running shoe.

KPItennis | rakuten overseas sales: rakuten market online shopping Japanese fashion

KPItennis in lotte market: find your favorite goods in the store | lotte overseas sales

Go and see

But there is no love for it, a look is Japan rakuten, simply go in to have a look. Phase in the caterpillar, just to do activities. Can pay treasure to pay, still have postage derate.

Rakuten: Rakuten international market – Rakuten online shopping Japanese fashion!

Rakuten: Rakuten international market – Rakuten online shopping Japanese fashion!

Go and see

The price is not bad at all. Decide to experiment.

Direct registration, a Chinese interface, but not used to, or change the English bar. It seems that English translation is better than Chinese translation.

Collect 10000 yen directly, can avoid partial postage, want size, you understand.

Rakuten overseas sales: pre-order products Nike generator free children’s sports Shoes Nike generator free PS 343738 baby Shoes Nike children’s Shoes —

Nike generator free kids Shoes Nike generator free PS 343738 baby Shoes Nike kids Shoes — get points now on shopping! | lotte overseas sales

Go and see

Converse kids all star RZ like to supervise all star hyatt kids Shoes/boys/girls/black/white/red/yellow/green kids boys/girls sneakers 1

Converse kids all star RZ like to supervise all star hyatt kids Shoes/boys/girls/black/white/red/yellow/green kids boys & girls Shoes 1 – get points now on shopping! | lotte overseas sales

Go and see

Bought two pair of caterpillar and pair of kuang wei, it is to the baby buy, test water not to buy adult, also did not seem to have what can buy. The ans here caterpillar want 480, still not discount, NND. Place the order!


NIKE caterpillar shoes for children

NIKE NIKE caterpillar shoes are designed with soft and lightweight PHYLON soles and innovative NIKE FREE outsole. The overall flexibility, grip and shock absorption are balanced. The artificial material and fabric uppers combine with rubber material support to provide more comfortable wearing feeling. The shoelace free heel lifting design is more convenient for children to wear and take off.

Value 71 review 1 original 5 good price 12 see encyclopedia

However, strange Japanese website, no pay window! Don’t you want any money? Want to beauty! Check your email. There’s an order. But there is no payment button yet. Look at other people’s strategy to know, to wait for the mail ~~~

Email 1 email 1

All right, wait a day, no! Accustomed to jingdong’s distribution and taobao before the sale of friendly customer service, the first time encountered this situation is not adapted!

Unscientific. No more selling? ! How to do, write a letter, ask customer service! Japanese can’t write English! Level four is not for nothing. The response was pretty quick

That means wait! All right, wait. Another day. Haven’t letter! Another was sent. Customer service said, is calculating the postage.

All the emails received during this period are confirmation emails or something.

We finally received the confirmation email on 21st!

Or Chinese, hey hey good! It’s just too long! Short temper, not used to. Direct payment.

It’s been a long wait ~~

Caterpillar caterpillar

For others. For others

The baby loved it and put it on.


1, the price is really good, enough 10,000 yen of the list, two pairs of caterpillar, a pair of converse, plus freight a total of 699 yuan. Share down caterpillar 260 less than, kuang wei 170 less, the price is very competitive.

2, now more and more overseas businesses support alipay, really good, although used to use credit CARDS, but the overseas theft brush really afraid ah. The exchange rate may not be as good as credit CARDS, but peace of mind.

  1. Purchase experience. Still not bad, just need to check the mailbox frequently, feel not used to the name of kiss huh? ! Unlike taobao direct payment need not be other, direct and so on the phone. Maybe consumption habits are different?

4, day Amoy or than the United States Asia advantage, regardless of time or price, as long as you have time. It would be better if Japan would also send direct mail. Rakuten’s packaging is made of kraft paper, which is environmentally friendly, but if you buy anything else, won’t it be crushed? Don’t you have cartons? **, also can have a psychological comfort!

5, finally, I have to take charge of the baby kindergarten children to buy shoes. Several parents were asked to help.

cheap Nike Air Max 90 Essential running shoes

Like all satyrs who cut off their hands carelessly, it was a fine night. At that time, the young me suddenly realized that I never seemed to concentrate on reading aunt zhang’s discovery section. So I tried to start gliding in this section with the attitude of learning posture (yes, I use APP gliding 80% of the time).

A net friend that did not mask face with my element pointed out trenchily, buy this pair of shoes with construction bank card in the city that build business, ok and favourable 100 piece. And the right time geographical location of me, there is a piece of construction bank pay card.

What? I haven’t bought a Nike with an air cushion under 400 bucks. Is this true? Is this true? Wary, I clicked on the link, browsed through a range of styles, and clearly saw 100 yuan off. ****, this is actually true. This hand, I cut it off!

But when I calmed down, I found that the color scheme of this series seemed not to be harmonious. How to put it, the color scheme is a bit like the way I walk through a suburban clothing store. But!!! Careful I still found a saving grace, is this pair (see picture) :

Although a little red and green worry, but in fact, because the color slant bright, there is a sense of fluorescence. Under careful observation, the feeling of disobedience is not very strong. After all, the price of temptation has been washed stripped clean lying around, or into the bar. I discussed with girlfriend next match color, girlfriend also feels good. It was as if nothing had happened, but the money had been paid. That’s how it is.

Actually after placing an order I still have a little trance, after all 400- buy air cushion Nike a little against consciousness. Later, received the message that has delivered goods, notice construction bank quite conscience, send shoes in sf. There is a feeling of sincerity. This is the peace of mind.

(↑) come here, have a look at your id card. That’s your name, right?

(↑) to show you the lower body length and character characteristics and our slogan: Just Do It. I really want to pronounce It Just chop It

The ↑ opened the blank sheet of paper and lay like this in the shoebox

↑ standard side face, SAO gas extremely (if you know a friend, you can see the next from aunt zhang a piece of eight also covered by mail skipping, accidentally exposed the soul of aunt zhang beauty)

↑ come here, this is the standard front, the shoe tongue logo although not all leak out, but full of fluorescence, very flash? ! You can also look at the vamp.

Little ass looks like this, fluorescent color is quite SAO gas (inside high energy please note)

Up the foot feel and appearance, foot excrement feeling is not strong. However, it is quite practical to wear, and the package is very comfortable.

I can’t understand the label of tongue coating, but you can see the origin and size, my feet are thin, the size is right. Vietnam, shown here.

Little Windows, as we call them. There should be a few spills here, but it’s not obvious. Acceptable. In addition, you can see the thickness of the bottom layer used for wear and tear. According to the official introduction, this layer actually increases wear resistance.

Grasp the ground effect Up sole, later climbing wild Great Wall will be more practical, ha ha ha, Happy.

Right up here, if you look at this picture, I thought the uppers were smooth, but it’s a little bit of velvety, but it’s not velvety. Feeling later do rise meeting not quite convenient. But after that, who knows.

Actually, I don’t know much about this pair. After I put on the shoes, I found the following information.

NIKE AIR MAX 90 ESSENTIAL men’s athletic shoes are inspired by the classic running shoes of the 1990s. The classic heel and visible AIR cushion are matched with the colors of fashion and show off. We strive to make these athletic running shoes with a sense of movement and design into the best choice for sports lovers to show vitality and confidence. With the diversification of sports forms, the protection performance from sports shoes is also improved day by day. NIKE AIR MAX 90 ESSENTIAL men’s sports shoes are equipped with heel visible AIR cushion technology, and the top cushioning and protection performance makes the feet more safe and smooth when landing, and helps you more calmly control the challenges of daily sports.

  1. Two-layer cowhide, artificial leather and fabric upper, creating extraordinary comfort and support
  2. PU middle sole with full palm, providing elastic landing feeling
  3. Improved waffle rubber outsole for excellent grip and durability

Here are the patches that meet the criteria for Posting articles out of the box.

Purchase website: CCB mall

Size: domestic shoes wear size 40 at ordinary times just right, this pair also bought size 40, feel the size is appropriate, put on the feet have a very strong sense of package, but not tight or small. But as you can imagine, if you have fat feet, it will be a lot of trouble to wear. So, fat foot can take into consideration whether to want big one size.

Functions: mainly prepared for commuting in autumn and winter, jogging or jumping. And hidden attributes, outer height (23333). Feeling than I wear kuangkuang All Star many higher, ha ha ha ha, shameless step into 176, 177 camp. After all, in the imperial capital, go to more places with fresher air.

Use feeling: in fact, there are a lot of feelings interspersed in my body, the intentional netizen estimate and see. To add a bit more detail, it’s still not as comfortable as the full foot, but I think it’s better for the heel. My usual foot course is very long, 5 kilometers 10 kilometers feelings rise as usual 11 road past, therefore, a pair of heel friendly shoes, or very helpful. Fluorescent color on the shoe is more apparent, considering autumn winter whole body is tonal more simple and dim, wear a pair of SAO a bit shoe also can let whole person look not so boring if fall leaves in late autumn. That’s why I bought fluorescent.