Facebook advertising performance is getting worse and worse, how to solve it

When we were doing Facebook advertising, did we find out that Facebook ads only started for a few days, the cost per click began to rise, and the frequency of advertisements continued to rise.


In other words, you often find that, in fact, your advertising effect will gradually get worse and worse, so why is this?

I think there are a few points:

First: From the perspective of facebook, it is impossible for an advertisement to always perform very well. If an advertisement can always perform very high, then Facebook will earn less.

You may have doubts, how do users’ ads always perform well, but not what Facebook likes?

There is a degree in it, no advertisement can be performed well from end to end, and the product has a life cycle, let alone advertising.

Second: From the user’s point of view, many times the user’s aesthetic will be fatigued. For example, if you see an advertisement every day, you will really feel annoyed.

In the past when we had less information, similar advertisements “do not accept gifts this year, and only receive melatonin for the gift.” We have no choice but to accept

Now, with the flood of information, whoever suffers from the advertisements that have been smashed several times in a row, this is because the aesthetic fatigue of advertisements will lead to the worsening effect of advertisements.

So if we open the advertising data background of Facebook from the data point of view, we can find the following data:

As shown above, if you see similar data in the Facebook Ad Manager, your ad is mostly in a fatigue period.

Okay, then today we will talk about Facebook advertising, how to improve the benefits of advertising fatigue.



Reasons and results of the ad fatigue period

Q: What is advertising fatigue?

A: Facebook advertising fatigue is a phenomenon in which advertisements have been displayed to target audiences many times, the frequency of advertisements has increased, and the click rate of advertisements has decreased.

Q: Why is there advertising fatigue?

A: The reason why advertising causes the advertising fatigue of the audience is because:

1. The ad is displayed too frequently, causing the user to see the ad each time they log in to Facebook.

2. The ad is competing with the photos and status of the user News Feeds

3. The advertising audience is already familiar with an ad and no longer feels fresh, so the clickthrough rate will drop.

Q: How does advertising fatigue reduce the relevance score and the correlation score is low?

A: Will increase CPM and the cost of each search result. It will ultimately reduce the number of results the campaign receives, which will reduce the overall return on investment (ROAs).


FB advertising performance indicators

Monitoring the effectiveness of ads in the Facebook Ad Manager focuses on three metrics:



Frequency is how many times the audience will see your ad. If the number exceeds 3, then you should consider changing the creative.

To see the frequency of the ad, in the Ad Manager, click the campaign and select the delivery view in the Reports section.

When the click rate drops and the frequency rises, this means that the same group of people are repeatedly watching your ads, but they have not taken action.

When the ad is displayed, people who have clicked on the ad will not click again, and those who have not clicked will not click, so the ad has actually saturated the target market.

2. Operational behavior

What are the actions taken by the ad, including what content? Within 24 hours of viewing the ad, or within 28 days of clicking the ad, get the offer, click on the link, install the app, like the page, send the event, and more.

If you want a higher conversion rate, then the operational behavior is an important indicator. You can use the conversion tracking tool to track your understanding.

3. Click rate

The clickthrough rate algorithm is the number of times a user clicks on an ad divided by the number of times an ad is shown.

Clickthrough rate is an important indicator of how tired your ads are. With the click-through rate and frequency, you can find out which click rate and frequency are appropriate for you to determine when you need to rotate the creative.

Of course, you can also pay attention to other indicators, such as: CPM, ROAs, relevance.

Every ad that runs will end up getting tired. If Facebook ads are in a period of fatigue, how can we adjust and solve them so that the ads can resume their effects?

Since ad fatigue is a lot of advertising to target audiences, we can set some conditions in the facebook ad manager to limit the number of times an ad is shown to the same audience.

In addition, you can use the ad rotation strategy to optimize the effectiveness of advertising and solve the problem of advertising fatigue. Overcome advertising fatigue through advertising rotation strategies.

Because users are prone to fatigue when they see an advertisement for a long time, by rotating the advertisements, the advertisements continue to have some new ideas, which can effectively solve the problem of advertising fatigue. It is best to use a rotation strategy when there is an indication of fatigue in the advertisement.


Ways to solve audience fatigue

If an ad is displayed for the same group of people for a long time, then they are very likely to feel tired, so to make the ads fresh to the audience, you need some method.

1. Use reach coverage target

When you start to create a Facebook ad, setting the ad target to reach can reduce the chance of ad fatigue.

The campaign goal Reach means that the ad will cover as many people as possible, and the ad impression will be spread to as many people as possible, so the chance of ad fatigue is even smaller.


2. Set the frequency cap

One sign of audience fatigue is that the frequency of ad impressions is too high, so by setting a frequency cap to limit the frequency with which your chosen audience sees your ad, you can avoid the fatigue of your audience.

Set the frequency cap in the frequency cap to select the setting here.

3. Exclude people who have participated in the ad

Because the frequency of advertisements rises, the audience may have seen the advertisement over and over again. If you can exclude this part of the audience, it will reduce the fatigue of the advertisement.

First, use Facebook pixels to create a custom audience that was visited by the site in the past 60 days; you can also create a separate list of people who have recently signed up for a service or filled out a form.

Then, use the Facebook Ad Manager to exclude the audiences who clicked on the ad from the target list, and only serve ads to the audience that has not clicked on the ad.


4. Change the background color to present different visual effects

We all know that Facebook’s advertising color scheme is blue and white, and you should avoid using the same color when creating advertisements. Otherwise, it is easy to be overwhelmed by newsfeed and ignored by the audience.

Therefore, the color used in our advertisements should be conspicuous enough. If it is a blue advertisement, it should at least put this advertisement on a colored background, which will attract attention.

Different colors can cause different emotions, blue makes people feel calm, yellow makes people feel happy, and green is a vibrant feeling. Advertising uses different colors, which can have different psychological effects.

Separate tests with ads with different visual effects to find the best performing ads. The frequency of advertising should be kept between 2.5-3.

5. Use a different copy

Modify the copy and use the brand title, call-to-action, and questioning sentences in the copy. However, the title of the copy should be within 25 characters, and the main text should be limited to 90 characters. Use a language that can directly talk to the target audience, which will attract them better.

Everyone will be interested in humorous content. Advertising and wording have more humorous elements, which is very helpful for improving the effectiveness of advertising. Therefore, a slight modification of the following case can make the advertisement more attractive.

6. Keep pictures simple and easier to understand

Suggested advertising images should be kept simple, how to do it, you can refer to several aspects:


1.Choose to capture the picture of the human eye, zoom in, zoom out or zoom in the visual effect is not bad.

2.Do not include text in the picture. Avoid using diagrams with lots of detail

3.Be careful to separate the test ad image to see which image works better.

This picture looks good whether it is full size or thumbnail. There aren’t many details on the picture. The model looks very charming with this pair of glasses. This image ad can make some conversion material, for example:

1.For male audience statistics, you can separate and test a picture of the same pose but a male model;

2.The focus of the picture is on the eyes and glasses, and the eyebrows are raised.

3.The picture content is a broken pair of glasses with humorous questions in the text or title.

7. Use clear call-to-action to ensure that the ad has information

Advertising must have clear and clear call-to-action, otherwise the advertising effect will be greatly reduced. Test different creatives and find at least 5-6 call-to-action phrases when looking for the most appropriate rotation.

Example: Sign up for our 6-week SEO accreditation course now This call-to-action can be derived from many variations, as follows:


1. Spots for our SEO Accreditation course are disappearing fast. Enter now!

2. Need a resume boost? Earn SEO Accreditation with AcmeCert!

3. Now until September 31st – save 50% on our SEO Accreditation course

4. Optimize your company’s internet presence with SEO Accreditation. Apply now!

5. Boss breathing down your neck about ROI? Sign up for our 6-week SEO Accreditation

In addition to making some changes to the advertising elements, you can also change the target audience.

If you’re optimistic about your creatives, but your clickthrough rate is decreasing, frequency, or rising, try changing your target audience stats before you post your ad.

Replacing your target audience can minimize ad fatigue and maintain a steady stream of clicks.

My own experience is that changing the target audience is very useful for Facebook contest ads. Because the game is very attractive, changing the advertising audience can keep the game activity attractive, avoiding advertising fatigue or a drop in click-through rate.

8. Increase the value of advertising offers

We can also increase the appeal of advertising by increasing the value of advertising offers. Separate tests can also be conducted for different advertising offers, so we know which offers have the best results.

For example, the New York Times subscription offer, the first offer is “4 weeks 99 cents”, the second offer is “free use 8 weeks”, such a discount will have a big impact. Because everyone has a comparison, it is easy to make a decision.


9. Change the placement of your ad

An ad set uses both desktop, mobile, and Audience Network placements, and each ad has more likes and shares.

But this will also allow Facebook to do automatic optimization, and then all budgets will tend to the lowest CPM placement.

For example, if the CPC of your ad displayed on the Audience Network is significantly lower, then Facebook will allocate more budget to this placement.

If you want to use multiple ad placements, create a separate ad group for each placement, copy the ad groups, and assign a different placement to each ad group.

10. Connect with customers

By providing valuable information and useful guidance to the audience, rather than directly marketing sales, customers can build interest and trust in the brand.

There is a saying like this, the best way to sell is not to sell. That is the truth.

If you use Facebook ads for direct sales on the one hand, and use it to cultivate potential customers and connect with customers, you can make full use of Facebook ads to achieve dual advertising goals.

There are many ways to achieve this effect, such as creating e-books, sharing blogs, and offering completely different kinds of products. Using these methods to increase customer subscriptions can help increase potential customers, build brand awareness, and promote sales.

The above are some ways to solve the fatigue of Facebook ads. The first three methods are to control the speed of advertising fatigue by setting Facebook ads. The latter method is to overcome the fatigue of ads by rotating the creatives. You can use the A/B test to see which method is more useful.